But that will certainly be challenging because i can"t middle chats myself because ns am not about much.

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I need both becauses there. That"s just how the sentence makes sense. Yet I"m not certain if that"s an okay structure.

Thanks in advance for the answers.


An alternate to sovereign Sun"s usage of as or since is to express the 2 tiers of factor with and:

But that will certainly be challenging because I"m not about much and also can"t moderate chats myself.

This has the advantage of putting the crucial point top top the left finish of the sentence, the an ext emphatic "new information" position.


You deserve to use "since" or "as" rather of "because" here.

Notice that because is more common both in spoken and in created English. In reference to Cambridge "because" mostly focuses on the reason while "as" and also "since" mostly focus on the result and also are also more formal.


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