Choosing Charmander as a starter in Pokemon Red is exactly how many fans of the series started their journey as a trainer.

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That Charmander would certainly inevitably evolve right into Charizard. Everyone knows just how extremely effective Charizard have the right to be.

In Generation I, there was no Special Attack or Special Defense. It was wrapped up right into one stat well-known as Special. This supposed any specific Pokemon was equally weak to Special moves as it was solid while making use of them.

Charizard was practically equally powerful in regards to Special and also Attack. It is likewise an extremely speedy Pokemon. In Pokemon Red, structure up Charizard"s Speed and also Attack or Special stat will make it practically unstoppable with the best movecollection.


Flamethrower is learned once Charizard reaches level 46 in Pokemon Red. Fire Blast can be learned by TM, yet has lower accuracy. Therefore, the power and also accuracy of Flamethrower cannot be passed up on. This is the signature Fire-kind move in Pokemon and Charizard puts it to great usage.


Earthquake is just one of the a lot of terrible moves to ever before come from the Pokemon franchise. Charizard deserve to learn it via TM. It does huge damages and also gives it coverage against some forms it has actually a weakness to. Surviving versus an Electric-form or Rock-form and connecting Earthquake is an remarkable feeling.


Because Charizard had to wait until Pokemon Yellow to learn the HM Fly, it is finest to provide it a third attacking choice in the form of Slash. This will certainly assist it take out adversaries that may resist a Fire-type or Ground-type attack. Slash deals decent damages and has actually an significant instrumental hit ratio.

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Swords Dance

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The fourth and last relocate will certainly be a condition relocate for Charizard. Swords Dance takes one turn and also boosts the user"s Attack stat by two whole stperiods. Using this move at the beginning of a Pokemon fight will virtually guarantee some one hit knockouts. If Charizard have the right to endure whatever hit comes after, its speed have to be enough to land also the first move eincredibly revolve after and totally dominate.

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