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In the middle of the map you sit come the left that the barricade BEWARE: the zombie from that barricade that u sit by deserve to still death u but the ones native the various other barricades i do not know WARNING: if u do it dorn they have the right to still get u my friend password is 124866212425 send me her and add me.

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Hello,this is a accuse on just how to get out that the multiplayer map Crossfire. First, you spawn (doesn't issue what team). Then, you go to the American building (if her a one-of-a-kind ops you generate there). Then, you go to the measures in prior of the structure but don't go inside. After that, friend run right into the left corner of the exterior (make sure your no moving). Ultimately after a pair of secs you out side the the map! Voila!

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Code - contact Of Duty: black color Ops activity Replay Codes

by ARCodes Mar 04, 2011 for much more codes

Code - activity Replay Codes

by ghosty567 Dec 29, 2010

Note these codes only job-related with an action replay.

Effect is the name of the code.

Link to short article


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by ROBLOXIAmanager jan 14, 2011

(1)First walk to zombie mode(2)Select Temple(3)Buy the total that prices 300!!!(glitch may not occupational if you dont)(4)stand on stairs and also face water(5)Run toward one of the 2 torches next to the window(6)Depending on i beg your pardon one you have actually ran to turn toward the window(7)CONTINUALY WALK ago AND FORTH between EACH window WHILE advertise FORWARD(WALK BACKWARDS and also FORWARDS follow me THE WALLDO no TURN screen YET (the variety of times you execute this verys)(8)Now you can turnif you was standing in center of a home window and the shows only two bars then your good(IF THE GLITCH IS done COREECT then YOU must NOT SEE through THE external OF THE BARS(9)Now the glitch is complete(if a zombie is break the barrier you space standing at then you should have the ability to knive him

my friend code is 3095-4556-1283

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Code - activity Replay

by orro Dec 01, 2010

NOTE: The complying with codes job-related only when

used v an


Replay device. This codes will certainly NOT

WORK without this


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Game ID: BDYP-BC372203

Press select to Unlock every Stages

94000130 fffb0000

121ba9b0 0000ffff

d2000000 00000000

Infantry AI Doesn't Shoot

021d643c e1a00000

021d644c e1a00000

Infantry AI Doesn't usage Grenade

021d6518 e1a00000

Infantry AI Doesn't Melee

021d6478 e1a00000

Zombies Don't Melee (Select+Up ON, Select+Down OFF)

94000130 ffbb0000

0215082c e1a00000

d0000000 00000000

94000130 ff7b0000

0215082c 0a000008

d0000000 00000000

Test Levels

021a53bc 00000001

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