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Be certain that you room using the indicated bobbin for her machine; otherwise your bobbin winder will not wind the failure correctly. Monitor the steps below to wind a bobbin.

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1. Rotate the strength on the machine.

2. Open the bobbin winder cover in ~ the peak on the ideal side of the sewing machine.

3. Swing increase the bobbin subject spool pin. Relocate the bobbin object spool pen up as much as possible.


1-Bobbin subject spool pin

4. Location the fail on the fail winder tower so the the feather on the shaft fits into the notch in the bobbin.



2-Bobbin winder column spring

5. Slide the fail winder tower to the right.


NOTE: If the correct dimension bobbin is not provided at this time; as soon as the failure winder is engaged; the bobbin winder will make a normal noise and also not wind the failure correctly.

6. Place the spool that thread for the bobbin top top the bobbin thread spool pin.

7. On slide the spool cap onto the bobbin subject spool pin.

NOTE: If making use of thread that winds off quickly, such together nylon or metallic thread, location the spool net over the spool before placing the spool of thread onto the spool pin.

8. Pull out part thread, and also then thread the thread overview for the bobbin winding. Organize the thread through both hands, and then securely happen the subject as much as possible into the two slits in the object guide.


1-Thread guide for bobbin winding

2-Two slits

9. While making use of your left hand to host the finish of the thread that wraps around the thread guide for failure winding, use your ideal hand come wind the complimentary end that the object clockwise around the bobbin five or six times.


10. Traction the thread come the right and pass it v the slit in the fail winder seat.

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1-Slit in the fail winder chair (with integrated cutter)

- If the trouble persists after following these steps, please call our technological v Live chat or questioning a concern at the height of the page.