What Are tiny Boys make of?

Nursery Rhyme

What are tiny boys make of? What are small boys make of? Frogs and also snails, and puppy-dogs" tails; That"s what small boys room made of. What are little girls made of? What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice, and all that"s nice; That"s what little girls are made of.

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What are little boys do of? What are tiny boys do of? Frogs and also snails, and also puppy-dogs" tails; That"s what little boys room made of. What are tiny girls do of? What are small girls do of? Sugar and spice, and all that"s nice; That"s what little girls room made of.



Here"s a slightly different version native The Real mom Goose (1916), portrayed by Blanche Fisher Wright: What are tiny boys made of, made of?What are small boys made of?"Snaps and also snails, and also puppy-dogs" tails;And that"s what little boys room made of."What are small girls made of, do of?What are tiny girls made of?"Sugar and spice, and also all that"s nice;And that"s what little girls are made of."Here"s a lengthy version that What Are small Boys make of? as uncovered in The Baby"s Opera by Walter Crane (circa 1877):1. What are small boys make of?What are small boys do of?Frogs and also snails and puppy-dog"s tails,And that are small boys made of.2. What are little girls make of?What are tiny girls make of?Sugar and also spice and all that"s nice,And that are little girls do of.3. What space young guys made of?What space young men made of?Sighs and also leers, and crocodile tears,And that space young guys made of.4. What are young women made of?What room young females made of?Ribbons and laces, and sweet pretty faces,And that space young females made of.





Thanks and Acknowledgements

The 1st illustration originates from The Nursery happiness Book, edited by Andrew Lang and illustrated by L. Leslie Brooke (1897) and also the 2nd one is from The Baby"s Opera through Walter Crane (circa 1877), through a little of editing and enhancing by Mama Lisa. Third illustration is through H. Willebeck Le Mair native Our Old Nursery Rhymes (1911), i ordered it by Alfred Moffat.Thanks so much!

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