Okay, the very first to race about the palm woods and also ring the bell in ~ the front workdesk wins the palm woods 500 invitational every terrain decathlon classic.

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And super Champion that the world.

And wins a palm timber 500 people cup.

You will be mine!

No, mine!

No, mine!

On your mark, gain set, go.

One, two, three!


It"s Carlos.

You space all going come pay because that this!

Two thousand dollars!

And 30 cents.

They destroyed the palmwoods" computerized registration system two lamps, three vases, and also my pants.

But ns won the palm woods 500 human being cup.

Here girlfriend go.

Well, guess that settles it.

No because I"m sick and also tired of you dogs breaking stuf claim.

We don"t rest things.

Oh! It"s a fruit smoothie and also it"s mine, all mine.

Okay, therefore we carry out put a tiny wear and also tear on things from time come time.

But that"s showbiz, right?

Wrong, and also it"s time girlfriend take obligation for your actions LA LA LA LA LA LA.

Isn"t there a cheaper method to discover responsibility?

Like a goldfish.

Guys, Griffin"s cracking under on united state for overspending.

And Gustavo"s right. This has got to stop.

Oh, and also until you pay me ago you will not dive a toe intoyour lovely palmwoods pool.

You cannot save us away from the world"s best pool!

No, but freight train can.


You guys are on my "no swim" list.

Gustavo, $2,000?

That"s $500 a piece.

Kendall is great with math.

Well i guess you guys are just gonna have to obtain jobs.

In fact, one of you can work off your debt because that me right here at rocque records.

Carlos it is.

Rest of girlfriend go gain jobs and get me mine money!

Bio taste tester, volcano cleaner, dentist?

Job found.

Russian translator, payment 20 bucks an hour.

You know you need to speak Russian, right?

This is not fair.

All you and also I have ever done for work is shovel snow.

We shall never ever swim again.


We"re claimed to be searching for jobs not at fashion magazines.

It"s not a fashion magazine.

It claims "man fashion" on the cover.

Where? Where?

I can"t see it. I mean, whereby does it to speak it, hmm?

Sign spinners!

I heard the best ones make like, 20 bucks an hour.

Which way we have the right to make money quick and ago in the pool in no time.

James! girlfriend coming?

No, I"d rather discover a better job the doesn"t show off work.

Let"s go.

Are girlfriend the new face that cuda?

You bet you are. Look at your self. That is handsomer 보다 you?

No one.

Who has an ext style 보다 you?

No one.

Who is smarter 보다 you?

Well numerous people but that has actually nothing to perform with gift a model.

Sounds prefer somebody requirements a manager.

And I only charge 40%for all her earnings.

Tell she it"s 50-50 or we walk.

Deal, now, we need new headshots, new clothes, a personal stylist, and you have acquired to prevent talking to a mirror.

Know we deserve to turn the up every the method what room you doing?

My new assistant job.

Your pencils were really dull.


Just gain me a cup that coffee.

There"s a brand-new,fancy-schmancy coffee machine that even you can"t chaos up.

One coffee coming best up.

Coffee, one coffee for the boss man, coffee.


Hello, user.


So you males are good, right?

Yeah, "cause you obtained to make these signs dance if you want to acquire cars into my carwash.

Are friend kidding?

We teach great in spinology. Examine it!

How around a small "around the world"?

Oh! walking the monkey.

Then you have the right to do a little roll it up catch it market it awesome.

Now, offer me brand-new customers.

All right.

Let"s execute this.

Have a look in ~ the carwash!


Make a punch, then you kick!

You space fired.

I to be Cal, your coffee assistant liaison.

What is her name?


How might I aid you, Carlos?

Make Gustavo a coffee?


Would you like foam?

Sure, Cal.

Throw under some foam.

More foam, Carlos?

More foam it is, Cal!

More foam, an ext foam, more foam, much more foam, much more foam.

Okay, Cal, yeah, that"s enough foam, Cal.

Come on, Cal.

Okay, Cal, that"s..

That"s enough foam, okay?

No, Cal, no! avoid it, Cal!

Oh, crime scene clean up.

Sword swallower.

Chicken inspector.

How lot do girlfriend think us can acquire for ours kidneys?

I"m i m really sorry is your mommy here?

My baby sitter dropped through I require someone to watch wendel.

No she"s no here.

We might watch him.

Would you?

What execute you charge an hour? $10?

$10 one hour.

Right, just how is 15?

Ok 20,but that"s as high as I ever pay because that a babysitter.

Ah, you"re lifesavers.

Be good, sweetie.


I was gonna clock him for free.

Yeah, yet I"ve never ever babysat before.

He look at happy to me.

Yeah, however at this rate, we"re still not gonna pay Gustavo ago anytime soon.

Watch her baby.

Yeah! Babysitters!

Babysitter! Oh, mine gosh!

Katie, whereby did you obtain the money because that these clothes and also the styling team.

My brand-new portfolio.

Hey, it"s my project to worry around the money and also your project to be pretty.

Now, which 2 headshots perform you desire to go with?

Let"s go v sassy rate skater and luscious hardwood Jack.

Let"s show them part handsome.

Whoa! several handsome!

Don"t panic. You deserve to take this guys.

Now, just display them the face.

Too much handsome.


Too lot face.

Oh, this can"t be good. Here"s my card.

Each boy $20 an hour means we will have all of Gustav"s money and ago in the swimming pool in 2 days.

You"re confident we can handle 8 kids right?

What, are you kidding?

It will be easy.

All thanks to the strength of two small words ns learned from my mama.

Nap time!


Five minute later.

It"s nap time nap time it"s nap time nappy time i think they"re starting to settle down.


What is walk on?

The totality story.

We broke a few things.

Gustavo is make us get jobs to pay him back.

We were devastating at sign spinning for this reason we made decision to start a babysitting service.

And castle won"t nap, and also they tied us up, and they room evil!

Help us, mom.

They space not evil. They"re kids.

And they need to be occupied.


"Occupy angry kids." acquired it.

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Now, the ziggle zagglesends in around five minutes, therefore you require to uncover something rather to keep them busy and also active.