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5. Driving Safety

Expressways - additionally called federal government highways, freeways, and also turnpikes room multiple-lane roadways with no avoid signs, traffic lights, or railroad crossings. For these reasons, expressways can offer you a fast, safe means to acquire where you need to go.

Pedestrians, hitchhikers, bicycles, animal-drawn vehicles or motor-driven cycles and motor scooters through 150 cubic centimeter displacement or much less are not enabled on expressways.

5.28.1 - Entering and also Leaving Expressways

Vehicles deserve to enter and leave expressways just at specific points. Due to the fact that expressway traffic is usually moving at or close to the maximum speed allowed, you should know how to enter and exit safely.


All expressway gates have three an easy parts: an enntrance gate ramp, one acceleration lane, and also a merger area. Follow this guidelines to enter an expressway safely:

On the enntrance gate ramp, start checking because that an opened in traffic. Signal for her turn.As the ramp straightens into the acceleration lane, speed up. Try to change your rate so that you have the right to move into the traffic when you with the end of the acceleration lane.Merge right into traffic when you have the right to do so safely. You must yield the right-of-way to traffic on the expressway. Friend cannot constantly count on other drivers moving end to offer you room come enter, but do not avoid on one acceleration lane unless traffic is also heavy and there is no room for girlfriend to go into safely.When leaving an expressway:Get right into the leave lane. Posted signs will tell girlfriend which one. Most expressway exits are from the best lane.Signal her intention to leave the expressway by utilizing your rotate signal.Slow under as quickly as you space off the expressway. Check the posted safe rate for the exit ramp.Do no make last-minute turns right into an exit. If girlfriend go previous your exit, you need to go to the next one.

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5.28.2 - Expressway security Reminders

Plan your trip. Know just where you will obtain on and get off.Drive in the best lane and also pass ~ above the left. If there are three lanes, usage the appropriate lane for reduced speed driving, the left because that passing. If you continue to be in the right lane, watch for cars beginning the expressway. Readjust your speed or move into the facility lane so they can enter safely.Never stop on the pavement, shoulder, or connecting ramp of an expressway other than in an emergency. If your car breaks down, it may be parked on the next of the expressway (completely turn off the pavement) or no much more than six hours. Raise your hood and tie a white cloth to her antenna or left door handle to show you need help.Never earlier up on one expressway entrance ramp or exit ramp. The only exception to this would be if you are trying to enter an expressway with an exit. In this case, you would see a "WRONG WAY" or "DO no ENTER" sign. Climate you must ago up or rotate around.Do not cross, drive on or park ~ above the typical strip.Do not follow as well closely. Rear end collisions room the biggest danger top top expressways. Constantly leave room because that emergency stops.Stop driving as soon as you feeling tired. On lengthy trips the hum that the engine and your lack of movement have the right to make you feeling sleepy. Avoid for a cup of coffee, a quick walk, or a nap. Carry out not threat falling asleep at the wheel.

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