Today in Puerto Vallarta, over there is light surf close to the mouth that the flow Cuale; there were a heat of surfers waiting, because that waves to come in. Confidant the that there room no sharks in Puerto Vallarta as contrasted to the growing number of attacks in Hawaii. Over there was also a fatality from a shark assault recently. National geographic Magazine has a good article around the spike in Shark assaults in Hawaii, Maui and also the various other islands.Puerto Vallarta is situated in a huge bay referred to as Banderas Bay and also the theory I have heard is that the dolphin’s keep the Sharks the end of the bay by advertise them through their Dolphin noses. Walk figure, who would think a shark, would certainly be deterred by gift bunted by a dolphin. The good news is that the Sharks carry out not it seems ~ to enter the bay. Punch on wood, there have actually not been any kind of sightings in videotaped history. Over there is a saying locally that “the just Sharks in Puerto Vallarta room on the Beach” an interpretation either the men picking increase on tourist girl or maybe the vendors – not certain which ones.

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over there are several Whales throughout the winter months once they come south, in the summer friend see mainly dolphins and also the turtle lay your eggs in the sand and also the egg hatch and baby turtle head come the ocean. In ~ Casa Macumba and Casa Milagro some of the guests have actually been lucky enough to have the ability to see this amazing organic phenomenon.If you have never rented a exclusive vacation villa prior to you will never want to continue to be in a hotel again. A high-end villa through staff supplies all the service of a hotel v privacy, if you want music over there is music, if you desire to eat breakfast in your pajamas the is your house. For more information around renting a luxury villa or private house or aid planning her vacation or next getaway or Mexican vacation please call us in ~ Beston Properties , we sell the best Luxury Villa holidays Rental Accommodations in the Puerto Vallarta and also Punta Mita area. Us are one of the few luxury villa rental and also vacation accomodations agencies actually situated in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Us offer an individual concierge service and also or choice of private rental homes and Condos sell a full selection of services and luxury amenities indigenous a complete staff including chef and also a concierge come organize any kind of tours, spa solutions in the home or Car Rental. We have actually offices situated in Puerto Vallarta and also have all the local information from Vallarta weather and also maps. all of their agents room personally familiar with every of the accommodations, amenities and staff to aid you find the best rental property in Puerto Vallarta. Our concierge services will certainly be happy to provide you information ~ above the best restaurants for dining out in Puerto Vallarta we deserve to make reservations and give you directions. We have all the most current information to guide friend for her holiday in Puerto Vallarta indigenous our day-to-day weather report to … The concierge indigenous Beston nature is happy to arrange tasks from Golfing, come zip lines and boat cruises with any kind of tour company including Vallarta Adventures, one of the most well-known companies in banderas Bay. We represent the best quality of dwellings for rent by owners that care about your comfort and also hope girlfriend return for many years the unforgettable mexican holidays. For an ext information examine out our deluxe accommodations. Many travelers have never taken into consideration a private residence for vacation accomodations, however the popular is increasing and also experts to speak it is at 10% of the potential for holidays rentals and growing fast.

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If you have actually never considered the benefits for the experience, quality of accomodations and also value girlfriend should take into consideration the option.
Puerto Vallarta has end up being a an extremely popular location in Mexico and is attracting much more American investor from Starbucks Coffee opened a 2nd location in the historic Downtown, fourth in the area, to Bill gates investing 320 million us dollars in the 4 Seasons resort Punta Mita, just a brief drive native Puerto Vallarta. As well the Hyatt Hotel chain recently purchased the desires Hotel (previously known as the Camino actual Hotel) in Puerto Vallarta and also is refurbishing it as a high end resort v a emphasis on family friendly travel referred to as the Hyatt Ziva currently a very successful all inclusive concept in Los Cabos, the Hyatt Los Cabo Ziva