Arctic Cat is expanding its renowned HDX energy side-by-side line through the 500 series, consisting of the base 500 HDX displayed here. It offers the larger 700-series layout bed for hauling. Power originates from a 443 cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine.

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well-known Prowler HDX line gets new 500 collection models consisting of a worth package designed for entry level buyers.

The side-by-side utility auto market remains a solid earner from service providers that compete in that space. During a media occasion in Minnesota, Arctic Cat increased its well-known Prowler line v a brand-new 500 HDX collection that take away cues from the bigger 700 series. The new line offers three design ranges starting at the 500 HDX the is designed v a feature collection that enables buyers a value-priced entry into the market.

"The 500 HDX is constructed on the same platform as the 700," states Ryan Hughes, engineering program leader, Arctic Cat. "But v its features it has actually a reduced price point. The base 500 HDX is available in red and also green." What the 500 collection does have is three-passenger seating, well-known on the 700, and other capacity features that boost the value of this device over the basic two-passenger Prowler lineup.

Arctic Cat"s renowned top heat 700 collection features automotive paint, electronic power steering, and extra storage that may be simply right for some buyers. However the basic level 500 HDX functions a molded plastic body and 14-inch stole wheels. The base device also has no power steering and there"s no tilt wheel either.

After taking it because that a test journey it"s simpler to talk about what it has than what the hasn"t. The 500 HDX is it is provided by a 443 cc liquid cooled Arctic Cat engine that provides capable power for many users. It"s 42 mph peak speed is plenty fast in a variety of situations. And also the machine featueres a 2-in. Receiver hitch front and also rear because that versatile usage in a variety of situations.

And after part trail riding, it need to be noted that absence of strength steering wasn"t an issue in taking care of this machine. With a variety of situations, that was straightforward to practice the maker and throughout my drive i didn"t feeling the require for power helped steering. And also to check that ns took the top line 700 HDX an equipment out because that a spin and while power aided steering was evident, it"s not something you"ll miss out on with the 500 HDX.

"This maker is targeted for the ATV owner that is thinking of moving up to a side-by-side," Hughes explains. "The buyer is obtaining the frame and base features of the 700 in ~ a far better price."

A closer look

That 443 cc engine is new for Arctic Cat. It features a closed loop digital fuel injection style that me adjusts for a range of conditions. Over there are additionally two intake filter to keep dust and dirt out of the machine, and both deserve to be removed for cleaning or replacement without tools.

The huge pallet-friendly bed of the 500 collection comes directly from the 700 family including the capacity to remove the sides and tailgate to get "flatbed" versatility. In 500 trim, capacity of the bed is 600 pounds, which would permit plenty that hauling volume for most operations. When the sides room left top top the box, users have actually a many tie-down alternatives for maintaining a pack secure.

The easy-dump design allows for cleanout, and the tailgate opens by releasing two latches top top the right and also left next for much better access. This is a wide, utility-friendly bed for hauling plenty around the farm.

If the base 500 HDX doesn"t offer sufficient features there room two more higher-optioned models in the line - the 500 HDX XT and the 500 HDX LTD. Relocating up way adding under hood front storage and side storage compartments. And you gain a higher-level painted end up on the two greater models. Only the HDX LTD model gets variable assist digital power steering and a 5-position tilt wheel.

Suggested perform price for the basic 500 HDX is $10,999. The company will it is in releasing an ext information around the heat on that website soon, check it the end at

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