Curb extensions—also well-known as bulb-outs or neckdowns—extend the sidewalk or curb line out right into the parking lane and also minimize the efficient street width. Curb extensions have to not extfinish right into take a trip lanes and also need to not extfinish throughout bicycle lanes. This countermeasure boosts pedestrian crossings by reducing the pedestrian crossing distance, reducing the time that pedestrians are in the street, visually and physically narrowing the roadmethod, and enhancing the ability of pedestrians and vehicle drivers to see each various other. Curb extensions additionally develop space for the addition of a curb ramp.

Motorists are encouraged to travel even more progressively at intersections or midblock places with curb extensions, as the diminished street width sends a visual cue to vehicle drivers. Turning speeds at intersections deserve to be decreased through curb extensions (curb radii have to be as tight as is practicable). Furthermore, curb extensions placed at an interarea essentially proccasion drivers from parking in or also cshed to a crosswalk and from blocking a curb ramp or crosswalk. Motor vehicles parked as well cshed to corners current a hazard to pedestrian security, because they block sightlines, obscure visibility of pedestrians and also various other vehicles, and make turning particularly hard for emergency vehicles and also trucks.


Wide roadways have the right to create tough crossing situations for pedestrians. Not just perform pedestrians require more time to cross the roadmeans, but the roadmeans width urges drivers to rate or take turns quickly. Curb extensions boost security because they increase visibility, mitigate speed of turning vehicles, encourage pedestrians to cross at designated locations, shorten the crossing distance, and also prevent vehicles from parking at corners.


•Curb extensions are just correct where there is an on-street parking lane and wbelow transit and also bicyclists would certainly be traveling exterior the curb edge for the length of the street. They need to not extend more than 6 feet from the curb.•The turning requirements of larger vehicles, such as school bprovides and emergency vehicles, must be thought about in curb extension style, specifically at intersections via considerable truck of bus web traffic. However before, speeds should be fairly slow-moving in a pedestrian setting so all vehicles must be traveling at speeds conducive to tight turns.•Emergency access is often improved utilizing curb extensions if intersections are preserved clear of parked cars. Fire engines and also other emergency vehicles have the right to climb a curb wright here they would certainly not have the ability to move a parked vehicle. At midblock locations, curb extensions can keep fire hydrants clear of parked cars and make them even more obtainable.•It is not always important for a roadmeans to be designed for a automobile to rotate from a curb lane to a curb lane. Vehicles deserve to encroach right into surrounding lanes safely wright here volumes are low, or speeds are sluggish.•Curb extensions can create added space for curb ramps, landscaping, and also street furniture that are sensitive to motorist and also pedestrian sightlines; this is specifically helpful where sidewalks are otherwise as well narrow. Care must be taken to ensure that street furniture and also landscaping execute not block motorists’ views of pedestrians. •Curb expansion style need to facilitate sufficient drainage.

Estimated Cost

The expense of a curb expansion can range from $2,000 to $20,000, via an average of $13,000 each, depending on the style and also site problem. Storm water management results, transit stops, huge locations, one-of-a-kind pavement, street furnishings and planting, and moving utility poles or controller boxes have the right to substantially boost boost the cost. Retrofitting an existing curb extension by adding vegetation deserve to be fairly inexpensive.

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Safety Effects

A summary of researches that have actually looked at the security results of curb extensions have the right to be found right here.

Case Studies

Cambridge, MA Berkeley, CA Eureka, CA Fort Level, NY Oneonta, NY Tempe, AZ Ft Pierce, FL West Palm Beach, FL Cambridge, MA Bellevue, WA Portland also, OR Arlington County, VA El Cajon, The golden state Bethesda, Montgomery County, MD Portland also, OR Corvallis, OR Hendersonville, North Carolina Village of Great Neck Plaza, New York