In a mercurial barometer increased air press will make themercury level ________.

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Group of price choices

go down


go up

stay the same

Question 3

The force that generates wind is ________.

Group of prize choices

Coriolis force

centrifugal force

pressure gradient force

) heaviness force

Question 4

Where is the Coriolis force greatest?

Group of price choices

anywhere air moves north or south

intermediate latitudes

low latitude

high latitude

Question 5

Isobars room lines ~ above a weather map representing what?

Group of price choices

lines mirroring equal thickness of bars

lines of identical air speed

lines of same elevation because that the tropopause

lines of same air pressure

Question 6

Closely spaced isobars show ________.

Group of price choices

high press gradient and also high winds

low press gradient and weak gusty winds

geostrophic conditions

high press gradient and likely gusty winds

Question 7

Widely spaced isobars often indicate ________.

Group of price choices

light winds

cyclonic winds

variable winds

high winds

Question 8

The Coriolis impact influences ________.

Group of price choices

neither wind speed nor wind direction

only wind direction

only wind speed

both wind speed and also wind direction

Question 9

A weather mechanism is moving from west to east. You look ata weather map and also see the you room in an area of carefully spacedisobars through the center just to her east, however the spacing of theisobars rises to the west that you. What would you projection forwind conditions?

Group of prize choices

Winds will certainly decrease.

Winds will continue to be the same.

Winds will certainly increase.

Winds will rise then decrease.

Question 10

Low air push systems room usually associated with________.

Group of prize choices

clear weather

converging air, precipitation, and high pressure aloft

diverging surface winds and low push aloft

descending air and also low press aloft

Question 11

In the southern Hemisphere, the winds associated with a lowpressure mechanism blow ________.

Group of prize choices

clockwise and also toward the center

counterclockwise and also toward the center

clockwise and also outward native the center

counterclockwise and outward native the center

Question 12

) If "fair" weather to be approaching, the pressure tendencywould most likely be ________.

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