By week 22 of pregnancy, your bit one has likewise completed a large milestone: breaking the 1-pound mark!

On the other hand, you may be noticing even more changes, including a protruding navel and also probably even slightly bigger feet — the result of all those hormones and also pregnancy swelling (called edema).

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Your Baby at Week 22

Your baby hits a mini milerock this week: At a full pound, she bids bye-bye to postal-range weigh-ins and also graduates to the real thing. And at virtually 8 inches, your bit bear is around the size of the teddies she’ll be playing via before you know it.

A lot has to take place before then, of course, yet things are relocating along at a bdanger pace. Your baby’s quickly arising nervous device is sharpening her senses more and also more each day, putting her in touch via her civilization and her very own body. In reality, a new-found sense of touch is making points a lot more fascinating in her cozy domajor as tiny fingers reach out to explore tiny toes and also — what’s that? — my nose and also my ears!

Those same fidgety digits feel their means along the uterine wall surfaces, grasping onto the branch-favor umbilical cord with all their might. Your wee one is currently working on the strong grip she’ll usage to grab onto your finger as soon as she’s a newborn.

Your baby’s sense of sight is also coming into emphasis. What have the right to she see at this point? Even though it’s dark inside your tummy and her eyelids are still fprovided shut, your baby deserve to perceive light as soon as you let the sun (or a flashlight) shine on your belly. Her sufficiently developed cochlear membranes in the ears are tuned up to hear and process sounds from inside your body. What’s your bit one listening to now? Your breapoint, the whoosh of your blood flow, your rumbling tummy, and of course the pitter-pattering of your heartbeat.


Foot growth

At 22 weeks pregnant, your uterus is now about an inch above your belly button — flourishing by leaps and also bounds. But your tummy"s not the only point that"s flourishing these days. Have you looked down at your feet? Rapid, look currently — prior to you can not check out them anymore.

If you"re choose many expectant woguys, you"ll uncover that feet gain bigger also. Good news if you"re looking to revamp your entire shoe arsenal, not so excellent if you"ve just indulged in a pricey pair of Manolos.

While some foot expansion have the right to be attributed to pregnancy swelling (edema), there"s one more reason that feet increase in size during pregnancy — and periodically don"t shrink back afterward. Remember relaxin — that pregnancy hormone that loosens the ligaments and joints approximately your pelvis so your baby can fit with (and also the hormone that"s also likely to make you especially clumsy in the time of pregnancy)?Well, it doesn"t discriminate in between the ligaments you"d want loosened up, choose those pelvic ones, and also those you"d fairly it would certainly simply leave alone, like the ones in your feet.

The result: When the ligaments in the feet are loosened, the bones under them tend to spread slightly, causing a fifty percent or entirety shoe dimension rise for many type of women and tootsies that feel unexpectedly uncomfortably tight.

If you carry out discover yourself running to the mall for a new pair of shoes, buy ones that are comfortable and also roomy, with no more than a sensible, chunky 2-inch heel. Skip the stilettos — you"ll have actually trouble sufficient maintaining your balance as your belly balloons forward.

Coping through tummy touchers

By currently, you may have encountered at leastern a pair of well-wishing tummy touchers that can not seem to stand up to getting to out and patting your belly. It might be anyone — a friend, coworker or a perfect stranger on the deli line.

It"s understandable, because pregnant tummies are adorable and also house something also cuter inside. And you may not mind — if you"re a touchy-feely perkid yourself, you may even welcome the public display screen of affection for your baby bump.

But if you do mind, tbelow are a few viewpoints you can take. One, you deserve to gently but firmly tell them just how you feel: "I know you may mean well, yet I really would certainly fairly you didn"t touch my stomach." Two, you have the right to back off — literally — and also dodge their attempts to touch your bump. And three, you have the right to turn the tables by teasingly providing them a belly rub in return. Remember, you"re sharing your body on the inside — you do not need to share it on the outside also.


It’s perfectly normal to uncover yourself wanting to devour the contents of your kitchen cabinets and also fridge — after all, you have a flourishing baby to feed! So try to stock your home via healthy and balanced snacks such as fruit, cut-up veggies, nuts and also totality wwarm crackers. Read More
That flourishing uterus is also placing pressure on your bowels, making it harder to relocate waste out of your system. Give things a jump-begin by exercising consistently, which urges bowel activities. Read More
Your ever-widening uterus have the right to put press on your blood vessels, which have the right to reduce blood circulation to your brain and reason light-headedness. Aid store your blood pumping via your circulatory mechanism by drinking at least eight glasses of water a day, or even more if it’s hot or you’re functioning out. Read More
Some professionals theorize that leg cramps throughout pregnancy may be caused by a shortage of calcium or magnesium in the diet. Reduce the frequency of these painful spasms by taking your prenatal vitamin everyday. Read More
Noticing stretch marks not simply on your tummy yet on your hips, thighs and breasts as well? Go ahead and rub moisturizer all over your body — it might not be a miracle cure, but it’s worth a shot and also will certainly help ease dryness and also itchiness. Read More
Not loving your new outie belly button? After distribution it will revert ago to an innie — yet be ready for the reality that you will certainly probably be left with a slightly larger navel. Read More

Is your uterus practicing for delivery? If you feel irregular, painmuch less, squeezing sensations in your abdomen, it is. Those areBraxton Hicks contractions and they’re not dangerous. They"re a bit prefer a dress rehearsal: Your uterine muscles are flexing in preparation for the massive job they"ll have to perform in the near future.

Keep in mind that while they deserve to be hard to identify from the real thing, they"re not efficient sufficient to push your baby out — just actual labor contractions can execute that.

At hazard for preterm labor? Your medical professional might do a fetal fibronectin (fFN) test. FFN is a protein developed in the time of pregnancy; it acts as a sort of "glue" that holds the baby in your uterus.

If the outcomes are negative, you"re not at risk, but if they"re positive, your odds of going right into labor early on are greater. In that instance, your practitioner may take steps to extend your pregnancy and prepare your baby"s lungs for a preterm shipment.

In enhancement to strengtheningbaby’s bones and teeth, magnesium — a mineral that"s uncovered in pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, almonds and cashews — works to stimulate enzyme feature, control insulin and also manage blood sugar levels.

Talk to your doctor to be certain you"re gaining sufficient magnesium from your diet and also prenatal vitamin.If you"re low, you might feel fatigued and also lack muscle toughness (as if you necessary any more of that these days), or have actually leg cramps or restmuch less legs.

Scientific study shows that you"re not the only one who benefits from a sweat session. Those that occupational out in the time of their pregnancy have actually babies who, on average, score greater on basic knowledge tests by age 4. Not only will your workout rise your muscle power, yet it"ll also rise your baby"s brain power!

Who demands to be loyal to one brand? Store brands and also no-frills commodities may not seduce you with pretty packaging, but they"re likely to have actually inner beauty to match their attrenergetic price tags. Check the labels and you"ll watch they generally boast as much nutrition as the bigger brands.

And here"s a little-recognized secret: In many type of instances, the save brand is actually a name brand with a keep label, so you might be buying the specific very same breview you"ve known and also loved — however for a lot much less dough.

Thinking of stopping by your dermatologist"s office for a fill or a refill of collagen, favor Restylane or Perlane? Here"s a wrinkle in that setup. Thesafety and security of Botox and also injectable line fillers throughout pregnancy hasn"t been established with studies yet — which indicates you"re much better off holding off for now.

Now"s a great time to learn some soothing relaxation techniques — not simply because they have the right to assist you cope via pregnancy concerns (and later on, via labor contractions), however bereason they"ll come in handy in your life as a new mommy — as once the baby"s on a crying marathon.

Yoga"s a fabulous de-stresser, however here"s a method you deserve to use just around all over, anytime, to soothe your soul: Sit via your eyes closed and also imagine a beautiful, serene scene, favor a sunset over your favorite beach or a calm hill vista. Then, working your method up from your toes to your confront, concentrate on relaxing eextremely muscle.

Breathe slowly and deeply through your nose and select a simple word (such as "yes" or "one") to repeat aloud eextremely time you exhale. Ten minutes should execute the trick, though also a minute or 2 is much better than nopoint.

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