In this overview, we will look at some of the most common difficulties that trigger the examine engine warning on Chrysler vehicles.

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You will likewise find step-by-step instructions and also videos on exactly how to use OBD-II scanners to diagnose the Chrysler check engine light yourself. If your Chrysler Check Engine Light (CEL) is staying on or is flashing, do not panic!

What Does Chrysler Check Engine Light Mean?


Chrysler examine engine light comes on to warn the driver that something is wrong with among your car"s components (in the majority of cases, the emission system).

Even if your Chrysler drives without any type of performance concerns, perform not overlook the engine light. If tright here are no engine noises, the engine doesn"t shake, or is not overheating; you have the right to continue to drive with caution. Get the auto diagnosed as soon as possible.


If your Chrysler examine engine light is on, pay attention to exactly how your vehicle is percreating. In some situations, you might notice one or more of the following problems:

Rough idlingPoor accelerationA decrease in MPG/fuel economy.Engine shakes or runs roughEngine overheating

The symptoms have the right to vary depending on which component or sensor is malfunctioning.

What triggers a inspect engine light on a Chrysler? 

Typical troubles that create Chrysler inspect, engine light:

Loose gas capSpark plugsIgnition coilOxygen sensorMAF sensorCatalytic converterEVAP leakVacuum leak

Without reading the codes, it is impossible to know why your Chrysler check engine light is on.

This is a straightforward procedure to perdevelop yourself or have actually a mechanic or dealer percreate for you.

How to Reset Chrysler Check Engine Light

Let"s look at instructions on just how to check out and also clear the Chrysler examine engine light(s).

For this procedure, you will certainly need an OBD-II scanner.

Turn on the ignition. Turn the vital to position II. If your Chrysler has START/STOP attribute, press the button TWICE without pressing the brake pedal. All the dashboard lights will rotate on. Do not begin the engine. 

Plug scanner right into the OBD-II port Read codes. The next step is to check out the codes. Now we will certainly take a look at using miscellaneous shave the right to tools to diagnose Chrysler inspect engine light. 
Fix all the difficulties discovered in action 3. Reaffix the scanner and choose Clear Fault Codes from the primary menu to clear the codes and recollection the check engine light. 

These instructions work on 1996 and more recent Chrysler vehicles, consisting of Chrysler models such as Town and also Country, 300, 300M, 200, Aspen, Pacifica, Sebring, Voyager, PT Cruiser, Crossfire, LHS, Cirrus, 300C. First, we will certainly take a look at the procedure.

Read codes, what"s next?

Once you retrieve the fault code(s) from the ECU, it is time to study the difficulty.

Write down the code and search online to see if various other Chrysler owners have had actually that difficulty and also just how they solved it.

Quite often, the solution for the exact same code have the right to differ from make to make. If you don"t uncover enough indevelopment, find a dependable mechanic that deserve to offer you a 2nd opinion.

It is highly recommfinished that you get a second opinion from a mechanic before you relocation parts.

While the fault code is all you have to recognize the defective part in most situations, that"s not always the instance.

Can a Loose Gas Cap Turn on Chrysler Check Engine Light?

One of the the majority of common reasons that a Chrysler examine engine light comes on is a loose gas cap. If that"s the instance, you will certainly not notification any type of performance concerns at all.

Check the gas cap and also tighten it until you hear it click. Newer Chryslers do not have a gas cap at all, yet they have a capmuch less design.

You deserve to proceed to operate the automobile unless the examine engine light is flashing.

Why Does Chrysler Check Engine Light Flash On and Off

If your examine engine light is flashing on and off, you have to pull over as soon as it is safe to do so.

It is recommended to have actually the car towed to avoid even more damage to the engine and the catalytic converter.

Ignoring the inspect engine light deserve to perhaps reason problems to other units.

For instance, if the examine engine light comes on because the engine is running as well rich.

Not only will your fuel MPG decrease, yet you will shorten the life of the catalytic converter, which deserve to be incredibly expensive to repair.

How Does Chrysler Check Engine Light Work?

The ECU monitors various sensors mounted on the engine block, intake, and exhaust, such as temperature, aircirculation, and also O2 sensors.

If an anomaly is determined or a sensor is operating out of selection, it stores a fault code in the Engine Control Unit (ECU).

These codes are known as Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), often described as fault codes.

Retrieving the fault code from the ECU is the initially procedure that is percreated to discover why the inspect engine light is on. This have the right to be performed by a mechanic, Chrysler dealer, or yourself.

Your Chrysler dealer will certainly diagnose the check engine light codes cost-free of charge if the vehicle is under warranty.

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If your Chrysler is not under warranty, you will have to pay (in a lot of cases) once you take your vehicle to the dealer or auto mechanic.