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Does not start.Leave because that hours, generally will re-start then duty well because that 1-2 months then same crap again.I see lots of folks with exact same problem yet no one has actually written about a solution or business re-call or business bulliten from Jeep Corporation.Anybody aid PELASE ?????

possibly those rubber vibration hoses come the radiator delaminating and creating an obstruction for the flow...probably would just replace those rubber things and also check the flow (if you"ve the technology to perform the shop we had basically a bike pump that we can suck fluids out through a sealing rubber tip...not the this an innovation is readily accessible to you....a pressure blast? discover out if there is one obstruction or kink in the currently or radiator~ sorry because that"s acquired you on your one desires to be there~

Everyone and also anyone who is having issues with their Jeep needs to record a complaint through the NHTSA! This is the only way this problem is going to it is in resolved. We can cry all we want on these forms, yet with enough complaints a recall will be issued! I understand it sucks due to the fact that I have actually all these issues, however PLEASE document A COMPLAINT!

I am at this time in the process of do the efforts to fix this "start-up/transmission end temp" issue. I have actually replaced the throttle body, the crank column sensor and another sensor and the trouble still exists. Mine mechanic is seeking information from the dealership. Nothing comes up on your equipment but they have actually experienced the difficulty with mine vehicle. What seems to be usual is that after wait a couple of minutes (up come 20 mins) that will start with no problem. In my case when this difficulty happens, each time it tries to start, rumbles, ns turn crucial off and for a 2nd or two the "transmission end temp" message displays.If I acquire a solution, I will certainly certainly article it.

Hello everyone what the difficulty is is nothing stated above you have to go to the dealer over there is a software program recall there"s actually two of them if your car is not starting or clicking and also you need to turn the key a whole bunch of times to gain it to start and if you gain the small temperature irradiate on and if you walk to usage your four-wheel journey low and you get another error these are all software issues and they room recalls so complimentary of fee at first it might not start up give it a day every little thing goes ago to normal

2006 commander 65th ann recall has actually been excellent years ago and probably is back but mine just happens on hot afternoon after car has been sitting in the sun

Has anybody uncovered the solution? my jeep is doing it now and we just paid $1500 at the mechanics and also it wasnt doing this before? Help!

My auto started this around a month ago. Quit to placed air in tires. Go to revolve on and also it i will not ~ start. Infection over temp error. I had driven less than a mile in cool temps so i knew this to be not most likely right. Believed it might be battery in key fob. Readjusted in and also no difficulties for last month. Now it happened today. Journey literally approximately the corner and also now won’t start. When I look on Carfax no recalls are provided as open. Is the software application update had on something like that? thanks

Transmission Overtemp or Overheat Warning go on and activates the transmission fan sporadically and constantly resolves once restarted. This happens intermittently and also I was told the it is no a infection problem however the computer/sensor which needs to be addressed. Have actually not done this yet as result of other expenses yet wonder if others have found a solution.

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