In this overview, you will discover step-by-step instructions via images on just how to change the Mercedes-Benz serpentine belt on V6, V8, and also V12 engines.

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Place a 17mm socket and ratchet on the tensioner and relocate the tensioner UP. Turn the wrench counter-clockwise.
Some models have actually a Hex bolt in the pulley center that have the right to be provided to release the drive belt. Do NOT use the secure TORX bolt to release the tensioner. Use the 17mm nut listed below the pulley-block.Insert a pin (such as a 6mm Allen wrench) right into the locking hole. The tensioner demands to be all the way approximately be able to insert the locking pin.
Make sure that the pin is strong enough and is inserted effectively.
If the pin is not inserted in the correct hole or is not placed completely, it have the right to snap off and also cause damage or body injuries.Rerelocate the old belt by sliding the belt ameans from all the pulleys.
Install the new belt. Route it over the powering steering pump, A/C compressor, crankshaft, alternator, idler sheave. It is essential to take a photo of the old belt prior to rerelocating it and also using it as a recommendation.
Otherwise, you will certainly be wondering how to course the belt. The serpentine belt routing is published on top of the top radiator assistance or under the hood on some cars.Next off, slide the serpentine belt over the tensioner pulley-block.
Check that the belt is seated appropriately on all the pulleys. If the belt is not seated properly, it will not be simple to slide over the tensioner, even on one pulley-block.Use the 17mm to lift the tensioner and then rerelocate the pin.Slowly lower the tensioner and permit it to fill on the belt.


No parts should be rerelocated to remove and also replace the Mercedes serpentine belt.Removing the engine cover by pulling it up can make this task much easier, but it is unnecessary.The radiator cooling fan does not should be rerelocated.A pin have the right to be provided to lock the tensioner in the UP (preloaded) position.It is feasible to adjust the belt without making use of a locking pin.Take a picture of the belt routing prior to you remove the belt.Do not use the Secure Torx bolt to release the tensioner.If you have a turbo intake pipe, rerelocate it to access the tensioner.The original belt have the right to possibly last approximately 100k miles. We recommfinish changing it eincredibly 60,000 miles.

Replacement Cost

It expenses less than $50 to adjust the Mercedes-Benz serpentine belt yourself. The average expense to readjust the dealer or mechanic belt arrays between $100 and also $250 for labor and parts.

Mercedes-Benz Serpentine Belt Diagram


Common routing of Mercedes Benz serpentine belt. Whenever before feasible, take a picture of the old belt routing before removal. The drive belt routing diagram might be printed underneath the hood or peak of the radiator support.

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Sexactly how Applications

Instructions on how to change the Mercedes-Benz drive belt use to the following models. These instructions might apply to various other models not contained in this list.

2001 - 2005 C2401998 - 2000 C2802001 - 2005 C3201998 - 2000 C43 AMG2005 - 2006 C55 AMG2000 - 2006 CL5002001 - 2002 CL55 AMG2003 - 2006 CL55 AMG1998 - 2005 CLK3201999 - 2003 CLK4302003 - 2006 CLK5002001 - 2006 CLK55 AMG2006 CLS5002006 CLS55 AMG1998 - 2004 E3202005 E320 4Matic2005 E320 Base1998 - 2002 E4302003 - 2006 E5001999 - 2002 E55 AMG2003 - 2006 E55 AMG2002 - 2008 G5002005 - 2011 G55 AMG1998 - 2003 ML3202003 - 2005 ML3501999 - 2001 ML4302002 - 2007 ML5002000 - 2003 ML55 AMG2006 - 2007 R5002006 S3502000 - 2006 S4302000 - 2006 S5002001 - 2002 S55 AMG2003 - 2006 S55 AMG1999 - 2006 SL5002003 - 2008 SL55 AMG2001 - 2004 SLK3202005 - 2010 SLK55 AMG2007-08 Dodge Sprinter Van V6 3.5L2006-09 Mercedes Benz C2302010 Mercedes Benz C2502006-07 Mercedes Benz C2802008-13 Mercedes Benz C3002006-11 Mercedes Benz C3502010 Mercedes Benz CL5502006-09 Mercedes Benz CLK3502007-09 Mercedes Benz CLK5502007-11 Mercedes Benz CLS5502007 Mercedes Benz E2802006-11 Mercedes Benz E3502010 Mercedes Benz E5002007-11 Mercedes Benz E5502011-13 Mercedes Benz G5502007-13 Mercedes Benz GL4502010-13 Mercedes Benz GLK3502006-11 Mercedes Benz ML3502010-11 Mercedes Benz ML5502006-11 Mercedes Benz R3502007-11 Mercedes Benz S5502007-13 Mercedes Benz SL5502006-08 Mercedes Benz SLK2802010-11 Mercedes Benz SLK300