I'm changed the battery, I changed the starter, I changed the starter relay, I changed the ignition switch and programmed it. It ran for a couple of days and now it's back to square one; it won't start. It's cranking over but it always doing is going. I check my battery I have a battery charger it's saying it's fully charged. So what could it be?

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Good evening,If it is cranking over, you will need to check for fuel pressure and for spark.https://www.y2kcenter.org/articles/car-cranks-but-wont-startA fuel pressure test needs to be done to verify the fuel pump is working. Can you hear it run for 2 seconds with the key on?https://www.y2kcenter.org/articles/how-to-check-fuel-system-pressure-and-regulatorWhen you crank it over, do you see an RPM reading on the tach inside the car? That will tell me if the crank sensor is working.https://www.y2kcenter.org/articles/how-to-test-an-ignition-systemIs the check engine light on? If it is, do you have a code reader to check the codes?https://www.y2kcenter.org/articles/checking-a-service-engine-soon-or-check-engine-light-on-or-flashingRoy

My fuel pump went out in my car I had to get a new one. It took a day to change but I'm glad I fixed it myself.

Hi, I have a 2005 Chevy Malibu and I am stumped, becasue the engine won"t start. The fuel pump is kicking on and I hooked a pressure tester to it and it shot fuel everywhere (Tester was missing an o-ring). So I checked for spark and it was getting spark at the coils. So I changed the plugs. When I pulled the plugs they were drenched with fuel and the insulators were burnt, and yet after replacing the car still won"t start. There are no codes. I have called on a fuel pressure regulator and the GM dealer says it must be combined with another component because they don"t list one. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Okay, you have proven that there is fuel pressure. If there is enough, we don"t know because of the o-ring problem. However, If the plugs were wet, That tells us it was getting gas. Did the new plugs do the same thing? If so, I want you to try something. Remove the fuel pump relay from the power distribution box under the hood so the pump doesn"t work. Try to see if it will start. Also, if it doesn"t, see if it will start with starting fluid. If it doesn"t, recheck for spark. It it has it, then you either have a compression issue or a timing issue.Let me know what you find.Joe

I rebuilt the engine in my car and reinstalled it. Now that it is all back together and in the car, I cannot get it cranked. The motor turns over but will not fire up. Firing order and timing are all accurate but it does seem to have some backfire when turning over. Any suggestions help me get it cranked.
Hello, When the engine is turning over does it sound normal? Can you please shoot a quick video with your phone so we can see what's going on, that would be great. You can upload it here with your response. Also does the engine have spark? When you turn the key to the on position without cranking the engine over can you hear the fuel pump run in the tank for 5 seconds?This guide can help:https://www.y2kcenter.org/articles/car-cranks-but-wont-startPlease run down this guide and report back.
Hello,No there is no external fuel filter it sounds like the fuel pump is out. I would start by checking the fuel pressure. Here are a couple of guides that should help:https://www.y2kcenter.org/articles/how-to-check-fuel-system-pressure-and-regulatorand if badhttps://www.y2kcenter.org/articles/how-to-replace-an-electric-fuel-pumpThis guide should help as well.https://www.y2kcenter.org/articles/car-cranks-but-wont-startPlease let us know what happens, we are interested to see what it is.Cheers, Ken
Have to push the gas pedal once before the car will start. It runs with no problems after that. I was told to change fuel filter but not sure. Any help.

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Hi and thanks for using y2kcenter.org. Com.Based on your description, the first thing I would suspect is the idle air control valve (IAC). The IAC allows air to enter the engine at a metered amount. On fuel injected cars, when your foot is off the throttle, the throttle plate closes completely. This would cause the engine to stall. That is where the IAC comes into play. It is a small component located on the throttle body of the vehicle. Often times, carbon from the engine or corrosion begin to block the air passage for the IAC or the pintle valve on the IAC sticks and does not allow air to enter the engine. When you touch the throttle, you open it allowing air to enter. I have attached a picture if the IAC for you to see. It is mounted on the throttle body. I would remove it and inspect it and where it mounts to make sure it is clean.Let me know if this helps.Take care, Joe