I have a 2003 ford ranger, it’s on it 3 automatic transmission. Each transmission has had the same problem. The OVER DRIVE OFF light starts to flash, and when it shifts from 1st gear into second it shifts really hard, and shifts hard from 2nd to 3rd. When you turn the truck off and start it back up the OVER DRIVE OFF light does not come on. The second transmission lasted almost 30,000 miles. The 3rd transmission only made it 24 miles before the light started to flash. The 2 replacement transmissions have been Ford crate transmissions , installed by a Ford dealer.I have looked around on the Internet and no one has a answer for how to fix ins , other then it’s time for a new transmission.

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I need some help, this is driving me crazy ! I think it’s a computer issue, but the Ford transmission guy says its not …

Stop using the dealer. Very few dealers have a qualified transmission specialist and default to either replacing it or sending it out to a local independent shop to be rebuilt. You need a transmission specialist to determine how they keep failing and fixing that first.

I can see how you’d be frustrated by this situation. Is the Ford dealer helping you out to your satisfaction? Are they honoring the warranties on the transmission they installed for you?

Offhand, sounds like an issue with a speed sensor. Have they been replacing transmissions because of that particular problem only?

Have a shop read any codes present.

I have seen the OD light flashing when the fluid level was too high and also when the cooler was restricted.

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Dealer has been helpful…they only have 1 transmission mech., and yes, they have replaced the transmission, because of the Flashing OD light ( which causes the slamming into 2nd gear from 1st)…I will try a transmission shop…it’s such a pain in the __ ___ ___

I know this is an Explorer link, but it sounds exactly like your problem. The VSS for the flashing OD light and the solenoid pack for the hard 2-3 shift.


What does it mean when the OD light flashes on a Ford Explorer XLT

O/D Off light flashing (Ford) Most likely cause..... In later years of this model production (aprox. 1995-2003) these vehicles were equipped with.

I have had this problems for 1 year drop tranny pan no debree change fluid ad additives ect.one day icould here my radiator hiss.when I looked closer it was leaking from the transmission coolant lint to radiator it was leaking antifreeze when I wiggled the top line it was worse but nothing in the car indicated that anything was running hot long an behold after one year just able to ride around town.i tightened that line connector an leek stopped an lite off tranny was running hot even a slight higher degree can turn this light on then it will go into limp mode start pullinng hard an shifting hard check those connectors I never saw a leek until recently but I did have to replace water but as long as my temp hand was good I didn’t worry about water very odd check tranny tempatures I guarantee this is the problem wiggle those lines.now I can drive from here to NYC hope this helps someone also check thurmastat an electronic tempurture control under the hood