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Hi Guys,I am brand-new to this forum but have been analysis and soaking up as much as I have the right to from the past V10 threads before I joined. At small about me is that I have actually been an energetic CumminsForum member because that years, together I have owned a wide range of Cummins powered Dodge choose ups (of all generations). I have a soft spot for original, clean second and an initial gen evade pickups which is exactly how I finished up v the truck i am posting this object about!Truck in question is a 1999 Dodge ram 2500 4x4 continual Cab V10 v 110,000 mile on it. It has actually a rebuilt 47RE automatic transmission and also a brand-new transfercase. The van is all initial (other than maintenance repairs, part cheap rocker guard paint and also the cat being reduced out of it). I have put a pair thousand miles on it because I have purchased it and I have actually noticed some things about the truck that i am no sure are normal so ns am hoping part veterans ~ above here deserve to help. Below is a photograph of towing it home with my 1998 12 valve:

First off, the truck is exceptionally negative on fuel. It gets about 9-9.5MPG empty and also it acquired 7.1 MPG top top a recent trip to the hills with two snowmobiles top top a deck. Is this normal? from what I had actually previously read, males are getting closer to 11-12 MPG empty and around 9-10 MPG loaded. The truck has had actually a recent tune up with plug/wires/coils(i believe) and fluids etc. It additionally has brand-new wheel bearings and alignment and also steering components etc. Space tight. Tires space stock size. The one point is that with the cat missing, the van does smell favor it is to run a small rich. I am not sure if that renders sense however is it possible/common for the van to require tuning after CAT removal? The air pump is quiet hooked up and ported into the exhaust before the muffler and I have actually no CEL. Any kind of other suggestions?Secondly, how an effective should the truck be? top top a relatively level road, with the 2 snowmobiles ~ above the sledge’s deck, the truck could not organize 70 MPH in 4th gear. Through cruise on the would slow down to about 60 MPH and just lug. If i hit the gas, it would certainly kick down to 3rd, lock up and also accelerate to 70 MPH, shift into 4th again and also then start slowing down as there was not enough power in fourth to organize the speed. Is this normal? Does two sled (1250lbs) top top the back mean I have to be in third gear every the time? Or go this sound prefer the truck is not running come its full potential? (photo listed below of van loaded v the eye mobiles)

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Third is room there any type of cheap/easy mods that can be done to improve fuel milage? I have actually seen guys delete the air pump turn off the motor - does the make much of a difference? ns am not really interested in spending a pair thousand bucks come only acquire 1 MPG. That being said, if mine truck at this time sounds like it isn\"t running right (see point 1) i am willing to get it back to factory spec.And fourth and final inquiry (for now) is an ext a theoretical thought I have actually been bouncing approximately - how tough would this trucks be to swap to a 24 valve Cummins? I think the infection is the same and also for some reason I feel choose I psychic hearing that the motor mounts for the cummins space the exact same as the v10 as well - exactly me if ns am wrong? for this reason from what I have the right to tell it would certainly be a matter of find a great motor finish with ECM and PCM, bolting the in together with the intercooler and also rad and obviously new fuel lines and flush the tank? I would assume I\"d require a diesel cluster also but other than that is that really that simple? Or am I missing something here? ns don\"t plan on act this - if ns can obtain the V10 come a allude where the is a little more fuel effective and an effective I would lot rather save it stock but it would certainly be nice to know if this is possible or not.And because I know guys like photos heres on of that cleaned up after the trip: