The Honda F23 series engine is a 2.3 liter, all-aluminum block, 16-valve, single overhead camshaft (SOHC) motor used in the Honda Accord (1994–2002) and Acura CL (2.3L). Timing belt failure may an outcome in either the input or exhaust valves bending ~ contacting the pistons. If the belt has broken, a compression leakage test is recommend to recognize if the valves call for replacement. Compression leakage from any type of of the cylinders (indicating bending valves) will require the remove of the cylinder head. If compression leakage is present, inspection and also rebuild of the head by a dependable automotive device shop is recommended in lieu the doing-it-yourself. This article only covers time belt and also water pump replacement.

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The belt replacement interval is one of two people 90,000 or 105,000 miles based on the particular model year. Check the owner's hands-on for the certain service interval. If the mileage is below the threshold yet the auto is end 7 years old, take into consideration performing a replacement together preventative maintain (PM). Timing belts can not be visually inspected for wear. Moreover, a intuitive inspection would call for the removal of the time belt cover i beg your pardon is time far better spent working on the replacement.

A typical timing belt component kit consists of:

Timing beltBalance tower beltTiming belt tensioner pulleyBalance pillar tensioner pulley

F23 time Belt part Cross Reference






Accord DX, LX, EX








Gates is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier because that Honda; other OEMs encompass Aisin, Dayco, and also Continental. No premature belt failures or problems have been encountered with any of this brand suppliers, thus replacement with original Honda components is no necessary.

The Cooling System

If the cooling system appears murky or has actually been replaced with anything various other than Honda coolant, think about replacing the water pump. Coolant replenishment/replacement v non-Honda coolant comprise borates and also silicates will damage the pump's rubber seals and also aluminum, and the pump will ultimately fail. If the cooling system includes original Honda coolant, a an easy drain-and-fill with brand-new Honda coolant is adequate.

The Valve covering Gasket

The valve cover need to be removed or raised to eliminate the upper timing belt cover. A brand-new valve covering gasket is extremely recommended to avoid future gasket leaks. If the gasket hasn't ever been replaced, using the present gasket v the valve cover bolt grommets and also the spark plug pipe seals will an outcome in oil seepage or leaks. Applying RTV sealant to the old gasket go not occupational to avoid or avoid oil leaks indigenous the valve cover gasket.

Special Tools

Since the F23 engine rotates counter-clockwise and in the absence of an impact driver the generates over 150 lbs the torque, a Honda crankshaft pulley holder tool should be supplied to save the sheave from relocating when attempting come relieve stress on the crankshaft sheave bolt. However, the pulley bolt might possibly be eliminated with a hands-on transmission Honda by keeping the auto in equipment with the wheel on the ground and also the parking brakes on.


Honda, Toyota, and also Nissan perform not make their own replacement parts. Lock subcontract the to produce of original and also replacement parts and stamp their name on it. If belt longevity is of concern, only purchase a high saturation nitrile (HSN) belt within a belt ingredient kit. To protect against a repeat belt replacement job because of a belt tensioner wheel bearing failure, change the bearings v the brand-new belts.

The video clip below gives a step-by-step procedure because that performing a time belt, water pump, camshaft seal, crankshaft seal, valve sheathe gasket, valve cover bolt grommets, and also spark plug tube seals instead of on the F23 Honda Accord. Comprehensive text instructions with photos are available below the video.

2.3 l I4 F23 Honda Accord time Belt, Water Pump, and also Component Replacement

Remove the Crankshaft pulley Bolt

Support the engine with a jack. Usage a hardwood plank come prevent damages to the oil pan. Check out photos below.Remove the crankshaft pulley bolt with a breaker bar attached come a long expansion to clear the fender. The expansion must be supported to balance out the pressure needed to gotten rid of the bolt (usually one's body weight through momentum).
Support the engine v a jack. Usage a timber plank to prevent damage to the oil pan.

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Honda crankshaft pulley-block holder tool.

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Lodge the pulley-block holder tool right into the crankshaft pulley. For sure the pulley from relocating by it is registered a long breaker bar come the ground.

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Use a jack was standing or an additional other support tool before attempting to loosen the crankshaft pulley-block bolt.

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Crankshaft sheave bolt removed.

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Power steering pump locking bolt.

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Alternator pivot bolt and adjustment bolt.

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