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The dodge Truck V10 Engine (1994-2003)The V10 had the highest torque and also horsepower, through the broadest usable talk curve (1,000 - 4,000 rpm) the any big gas engine in the field, once introduced. Dodge wrote, "It provides the new Ram pickup the capability to outrun all various other trucks in its course with manual or automatically transmissions whether unloaded, loaded, or pulling a trailer."

The bore size was the same to the 360, to reduced tooling prices (and probably breakthrough time). The direct ignition and also crankshaft an installed oil pump lessened its in its entirety size, so that was just 4 inches much longer than the 360 regardless of having one third much more displacement.What about the Viper V10?
The initial V10 was reportedly constructed with Lambourghini"s help; the simple engineering to be Chrysler"s, but Lambourghini functioned on cooling, crankshaft balance, load reduction, and also fine tuning.Unique attributes of the Viper version contained a low-profile cross-ram entry with double throttle bodies, the manifolds, oil pan, heads, and also accessory drive; the compression ratio was raised, the pistons lightened, the best engine rate increased, the valves enlarged, the rods and crank strengthened. In the end, couple of components were common with the van engine.The V10 had actually a returnless fuel injection system, rare for the time; many systems sent fuel up the engine bay and then had another line return the excess. Fuel injectors activate in pairs, injecting fifty percent of their fuel during the intake stroke of every cylinder and half at one more time. A two­barrel next draft accelerator body had actually a stepper motor air by-pass valve because that idle rate control.Direct (distributorless) ignition system (DIS), rarely for the time, helped in acceleration, fast starts, idle quality, and also engine simplification, reduced the in its entirety engine length, and also eliminated ignition time from maintenance. The V10 was designed because that DIS, which requires no distributor, distributor cap, rotor, coil lead no one distributor drive, making that simpler and also smaller. The smooth idle came from an accurate timing control because there was no collection of mechanical parts subject come variation; and an answer times were faster because the powertrain computer system got an ext frequent updates than v a distributor system.

Warren Swaney wrote: This 2000 Dodge lamb 3500 4x4 is tho in company v Duck hill Ambulance of Kamsack Saskatchewan. It is powered by a V-10 gas engine and gets about 15-18 miles every gallon.A crankshaft timing sensor and also a camshaft referral sensor listed information come the computer. The crankshaft sensor was placed through a feet in the next of the block, and also sensed slot machined top top the crankshaft pulse ring. The regulate module figured out crankshaft position and also engine speed from this.The camshaft sensor to be on the prior cover module, and sensed slot on the camshaft sprocket; the slot were coded because that individual cylinder identification. This made starting quick by determining which spark plugs and fuel injectors to actuate.Five high-energy ignition coils were an installed above the ideal cylinder head cover; every coil regulated two cylinders (every various other spark was throughout the exhaust stroke and did no good, but likewise did no harm). The coils might fire large spark plug gaps consistently and also had a fast rise time to assist fire fouled spark plugs.

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