l>18 Wheel the Steel: across America. Modding and also patches
Developer: SCS Software
Publisher: ValuSoft/THQ
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patch 1.10 main patch native SCS Software take it indigenous ValuSoft site
full map full roads map, through dealers, weightstations and also more Map_1 Map_2
Voices fix Fixes for female voices in the game Download here
Gauges fix Addict to Kenworth T2000, Volvo VN770 and also Mack CH-613 Download here
fancy lights change lights colors to more fun Download here
clear roads Clear roads pack by RWap2003 Download here
black color roads Black asphalt roads load by RWap2003 Download here
clear windows adjust truck windows to clear variant Download here
Tinted windows replace standard truck windows v tinted Download here
faces pack Add five new female drivers to game pool Download here
sound pack replace some sounds from the "18 wheel of Steel" Download here
Old map icons Old fashioned map and also overweight icons Download here
lights pack make truck lamp replaceable trough buying another one (v.4.0) Download here
Brakes pack New brakes v working brake gauge Download here
an international pack all my patches put into one package (~4.0Mb) Download here
real names pack MadCat"s and also my fixes + genuine truck names (v.4.2) (~6.9Mb) Download here
MadCat"s add-on Beta version (M.A.P. V.1.040b) of nice features (~7.9Mb) Download here
MadCat"s add-on Latest version (M.A.P. V.1.065) the nice features (in two parts, ~37.6Mb) part one and component two


Names pack v.4.2:

This package consisting of my every patches, defined at global pack section

incorporate some parts of M.A.P v.1.035f Retire any paint tasks - it is in patience, respect authors. Brake gauge functions now! specifically thanks for Dave (RockyRacoon) because that idea. Addressed lights location on the van

Global pack:

This is a secure release in finish package of every my patches, including:

Replaceable lights, as various other accessories. Actual trucks names and descriptions indigenous the manufacturers. Realistic engines and also transmissions. Brand-new brakes pack. Voices and also gauges fix. Some new tires (Michelin, BridgeStone, GoodYear). Strictly dealers by design lists (one dealer = one manufacturer). Tons of scripts/local.def editing. Adjust some sounds to much more liked from the "18 wheel of Steel" (jake-break, wipers, AI car"s engines, parking brakes)

MadCat"s Add-on Package:

My voices and also gauges fixes included into the M.A.P. Due to the fact that v.1.040b. Be careful

Lights fill v.4.0:

Released and also now ready for using. solved lights placement on the trucks


ByDerek"s request, lights pack was changed.. Try brand-new lights because that Volvo VN770here.Released.

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Real names + trucksdescriptions pack.Descriptions not ready for: Ford CLT9000, Ford LN9000.Descriptions for the Mack CH603 and also Mack CH613 requirements to be more accuracy.If you can help with perfect this job, you re welcome PM me at TruckMax forum


To extract base.scsfile you require copy them come "My Documents\18 WoS across America" folder together base.zip and also extractwith any archiver (WinZip,WinRar,PowerArchiver,WinAce or any kind of other preferredby you). Every done, currently you prepared for edit your own mod.

If you have Official patch installed, you also need come extract patch_1_10.scs in same method asbase.scs and also place all extracted documents over structure, developed by base.scs.

Cheat codes:

To go into a cheatcode, you have to editconfig.cfg file in advance located in her "$home/18WoS across America" directory. Remember, friend must develop a back-up copy ofthe document before proceeding. Use a text editor to modify the config.cfg file. Change the adhering to line in the document to permit consolewindowuset g_console "1"and then save the config.cfg file.Begin video game play and also press the ~ (tilde) key todisplay the console window. Kind one that the following codes come activate thecorresponding cheat function. ~ this push ~key come close console.


cheat driversaccess to all free drivers
cheat dealersaccess to every dealers
cheat moneyyou get $ 100,000 to your account
cheat starsyour prestige will be set to max.

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You deserve to also include bind_imp command to config.cfg.bind_imp f7 "bugreport"bind_imp f8 "teleport"Press corresponding function vital during game play to activate event.

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