Convert 13 oz to cup (ounces to cups)

What is 13 oz converted to cups? find out the answer to this counter or shot our easy to usage calculator listed below to convert any type of value the oz to cups through the many accurate results.

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13 Ounces (oz) = 1.625 cup

Common liquid Ounce (oz) to cups Conversions

ouncescupsouncescups ouncescups
1 oz1/8 or .0125 cups15 oz1.875 cups90 oz11.25 cups
2 oz1/4 or 0.25 cups20 oz2.5 cups100 oz12.5 cups
3 oz3/8 or 0.375 cups25 oz3.125 cups150 oz18.75 cups
4 oz1/2 or 0.5 cups30 oz3.75 cups200 oz25 cups
5 oz5/8 or 0.625 cups40 oz5 cups250 oz31.25 cups
6 oz3/4 or 0.75 cups50 oz6.25 cups300 oz37.5 cups
7 oz7/8 or 0.875 cups60 oz7.5 cups400 oz50 cups
8 oz1 cup70 oz8.75 cups500 oz62.5 cups
9 oz1.125 cups75 oz9.375 cups750 oz93.75 cups
10 oz1.25 cups80 oz10 cups1000 oz125 cups


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Ounce (oz) to cup Conversion Equations

It’s easy to convert ounces to cups! You deserve to use any kind of of the following conversion equations to convert oz to cups:

oz ÷ 8 = cups


oz x 0.125 = cups

Example 13 oz convert to cups:

13 oz ÷ 8 = 1.625 cups


13 oz x 0.125 = 1.625 cups



If you would prefer to learn more about the ounces (oz) to cup conversion, examine out our thorough page here.

Similar 13 oz to cups Conversions

13 oz1.625 cups13.5 oz1.688 cups
13.01 oz1.626 cups13.51 oz1.689 cups
13.02 oz1.628 cups13.52 oz1.69 cups
13.03 oz1.629 cups13.53 oz1.691 cups
13.04 oz1.63 cups13.54 oz1.692 cups
13.05 oz1.631 cups13.55 oz1.694 cups
13.06 oz1.632 cups13.56 oz1.695 cups
13.07 oz1.634 cups13.57 oz1.696 cups
13.08 oz1.635 cups13.58 oz1.698 cups
13.09 oz1.636 cups13.59 oz1.699 cups
13.1 oz1.638 cups13.6 oz1.7 cups
13.11 oz1.639 cups13.61 oz1.701 cups
13.12 oz1.64 cups13.62 oz1.702 cups
13.13 oz1.641 cups13.63 oz1.704 cups
13.14 oz1.642 cups13.64 oz1.705 cups
13.15 oz1.644 cups13.65 oz1.706 cups
13.16 oz1.645 cups13.66 oz1.708 cups
13.17 oz1.646 cups13.67 oz1.709 cups
13.18 oz1.648 cups13.68 oz1.71 cups
13.19 oz1.649 cups13.69 oz1.711 cups
13.2 oz1.65 cups13.7 oz1.712 cups
13.21 oz1.651 cups13.71 oz1.714 cups
13.22 oz1.652 cups13.72 oz1.715 cups
13.23 oz1.654 cups13.73 oz1.716 cups
13.24 oz1.655 cups13.74 oz1.718 cups
13.25 oz1.656 cups13.75 oz1.719 cups
13.26 oz1.658 cups13.76 oz1.72 cups
13.27 oz1.659 cups13.77 oz1.721 cups
13.28 oz1.66 cups13.78 oz1.722 cups
13.29 oz1.661 cups13.79 oz1.724 cups
13.3 oz1.662 cups13.8 oz1.725 cups
13.31 oz1.664 cups13.81 oz1.726 cups
13.32 oz1.665 cups13.82 oz1.728 cups
13.33 oz1.666 cups13.83 oz1.729 cups
13.34 oz1.668 cups13.84 oz1.73 cups
13.35 oz1.669 cups13.85 oz1.731 cups
13.36 oz1.67 cups13.86 oz1.732 cups
13.37 oz1.671 cups13.87 oz1.734 cups
13.38 oz1.672 cups13.88 oz1.735 cups
13.39 oz1.674 cups13.89 oz1.736 cups
13.4 oz1.675 cups13.9 oz1.738 cups
13.41 oz1.676 cups13.91 oz1.739 cups
13.42 oz1.678 cups13.92 oz1.74 cups
13.43 oz1.679 cups13.93 oz1.741 cups
13.44 oz1.68 cups13.94 oz1.742 cups
13.45 oz1.681 cups13.95 oz1.744 cups
13.46 oz1.682 cups13.96 oz1.745 cups
13.47 oz1.684 cups13.97 oz1.746 cups
13.48 oz1.685 cups13.98 oz1.748 cups
13.49 oz1.686 cups13.99 oz1.749 cups

Convert 13 oz to other Volume Units

Now that you have actually converted 13 oz come cups, you may want to transform oz to various other units. Right here are part other helpful conversions indigenous ounces to usual volume units:

Unit13 ounces (oz)
Gallon (gal)0.102 gal
Quart (qt)0.406 qt
Pint (pt)0.812 mg
Tablespoon (tbsp)26 tbsp
Teaspoon (tsp)78 tsp
Liter (ltr)0.384 ltr
Milliliter (ml)384.456 ml

What is a oz (oz)?

A liquid ounce is a unit of weight equal to 1/16th that a pound, that is most commonly used in most British obtained Customary equipment of Measurement. The Unit of oz is additionally equal to 1/8th of a cup. The oz is major used in the United claims to measure up food and also fluids.

The ounce uses the prize oz. For instance 13 ounces can be additionally written together 13 oz.

Learn more about the ounce here.

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What room cups (cups)?

The cup is a unit that measurement mainly used in cooking. One cup is many commonly linked as being equal to 1/2 a united state Pint. A cup is same to 8 ounces (oz).